HealthCare Payment Solutions



HealthCare Payment Solutions was founded by doctors, payment specialists and other healthcare professionals to address the growing need for extended payment plans for people who do not have insurance or who cannot afford the expenses their insurance does not cover.

We currently work with thousands practices throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We understand that each specialty and each office is unique. However, no matter what type of practitioner you are or what type of practice you have, we can help you.

Some Benefits Include:

  • More people and pets get the care they need
  • A reliable stream of recurring income for your practice
  • Virtually every patient qualifies without a credit check
  • Compliance with insurance laws that require collecting co-payments and deductibles


A More Profitable Practice with Less Stress on You and Your Staff and Better Care for Your Patients

Website: www.healthcarepaymentsolutions,

E-mail:  info@healthcarepaymentsolutions.com

Phone: 866-657-2009