Stem Cell Institute of America

Stem Cell America

The Stem Cell Institute of America trains physicians around the country on the amazing benefits of Stem Cells.  These Physicians have decided to educate local clubs, churches, business, organization in their community etc. on one of the most significant medical breakthroughs in natural medicine. Their purpose is to educate and answer questions on how you or someone you know can live a life without pain.

We provide our doctors with the training they need to provide Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy in their office as well as how to communicate with patients on the benefits of this amazing therapy.  We also provide marketing materials, lecture presentations and sales training to all of our partner offices.
Stem Cells are changing the lives of thousands across this great country for the better and our volunteers are fully trained by the Stem Cell Institute of America to present this amazing educational work shop to your local business, club, church, gym, organization, support group etc.

To Learn more go to: www.americastem.com
Dr. Brent Detelich