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SURGENEX® Capability

SURGENEX® is the producer and distributor of the highest quality amniotic membrane tissue allograft in the industry. Our bioactive amnion products are used for a wide variety of clinical applications including:

Sports Medicine
Wound Care
Pain Management
SURGENEX® has developed innovative processes and safety protocols, which deliver the highest cellular tissue viability and safety standards. With these safety and quality standards, SURGENEX® will become the leader of amniotic membrane tissue allografts in the field of regenerative medicine.

The SURGENEX® proprietary Excellion® process preserves the integrity of the amnion tissue, achieving greater clinical outcomes. This unique process yields high concentrations of tissue, growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and is chorion free. Our products contain these extracellular proteins and molecules which induce soft tissue healing, reduce scar tissue, and promote tissue regeneration.

Our placenta recovery processes start where life begins. Qualified mothers donate their placenta for medical treatments and research. These donors are selected through a strict screening process which includes an extensive patient questionnaire, serological testing, and a medical staff interview to ensure donor eligibility. The Excellion® process honors these donations by meticulously collecting the amniotic membrane and carefully removing unwanted tissues such as the chorion. This highly technical process produces the highest cellular tissue viability and the best amniotic tissue allograft in the industry.

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